Local resident Richard “Wit” Buckalew has been donating his company’s services to Parker Family for almost 10 years. His company, Coast Medical Services, specializes in proper pickup, treatment and disposal of biohazards. Since Mr. Buckalew’s retirement, the Parker Family Center has been searching for a new solution for handling  removal of sharps containers generated by the Center.

A call to our partners at Riverview Medical Center (RMC) solved the dilemma. Wayne Calvert, Director of Environmental Services at RMC, graciously contacted RMC’s local account executive at Stericycle, a national organization specializing in medical waste management. To the Parker Center’s delight, Stericycle has agreed to continue pro bono the services provided by Mr. Buckalew for the past 10 years. Today Parker Family Health Center says “good bye” to an old friend, Wit Buckalew, “hello” to a new friend, Stericycle, and a special “thank you” to our friends at Riverview.