When the Parker Family Health Center first opened its doors in July of 2000, Dr. Gene Cheslock, founder of the Parker Center, approached members of the local professional community in search of doctors willing to donate their services to the new health center. A long-time colleague of Dr. Cheslock’s, Dr. Ken Grossman of Little Silver agreed to volunteer his services for those Parker patients requiring a dermatology specialist. Thirteen years later, Dr. Grossman continues to provide services for these patients.

There is a tradition among physicians referred to as “professional courtesy” whereby physicians do not to charge for treatment of each other’s family members. Several years ago Dr. Cheslock visited Dr. Grossman as a patient. The two doctors agreed that in lieu of “professional courtesy”, Dr. Cheslock would make a donation to the Parker Health Center in Dr. Grossman’s name. Since that visit, Dr. Grossman has suggested to his professional patients that they also make a contribution to the Parker Center. To date, contributions from Dr. Grossman’s professional patients to the Parker Family Health Center have exceeded $30,000!

The Parker Family Health Center has a long-standing reputation for attracting the finest professionals in the area and Dr. Grossman certainly fits this description. Just this summer, a patient of the Parker Center was referred to Dr. Grossman for treatment. Dr. Grossman diagnosed the patient, a young college student recently returned from Costa Rica, with a rare parasitic disease. With the assistance of Mary Nicosia, Parker Center’s Director/Clinical Coordinator, Dr. Grossman’s diagnosis of leishmaniasis was then confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the patient treated accordingly.

When asked his feelings about the Parker Family Health Center, Dr. Grossman relayed the following story. A patient of the Parker Center, referred for treated to Dr. Grossman, bemoaned the fact that he, the patient, would soon no longer meet patient eligibility requirements for Parker Center and thus no longer qualify for care at the Center. The patient explained to Dr. Grossman that he had always received better care as a patient of the Parker Health Center than from some of the professional community at large. With volunteers like Dr. Ken Grossman, the Parker Family Health Center continues to flourish as it provides outstanding medical services to the less fortunate of Monmouth County.