Zoey Hagan

Meet Zoey Hagan. Just eleven years old and already making a difference in other people’s lives! Zoey, a sixth grader at Atlantic Highlands Elementary School, lives with her father, Patrick, and her brother, Liam. During the summer months, Zoey’s grandmother, Verian “Vee” Hagan, usually looks after Zoey. But twice a week Vee is unavailable to mind Zoey. On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, Vee is busy volunteering her LPN services at the Parker Family Health Center.

Over the last several years, Vee has shared many stories with Zoey about the Parker Health Center and the services the Center provides to those less fortunate in the Monmouth County area. This past summer Zoey decided that she too could help so she set about creating a lemonade stand, dedicating all her proceeds to the Parker Center. As an added incentive, Zoey even offered a few of her treasured Judy Blume books for sale!

Through her own efforts, Zoey raised forty nine dollars for the Parker Center. At 75 cents a cup, that’s a lot of lemonade! The Parker Center is extremely fortunate to have friends like Zoey and Vee Hagan. They remind us that whether on a large or small scale, we can all contribute to the health and happiness of others.