Michael Savino

Michael Savino

Contributions to Parker Family Health Center originate from many sources: a young child opens a lemonade stand, a disabled teenager picks up the cause and solicits donations from friends and family, a community group sponsors a wine tasting, a rock star stages a concert…all compassionate people reaching out a helping hand to those in need.

What all these remarkable people seem to share in common is the willingness to act on the question: “What can I do, in my immediate world, to make a difference?” Enter Michael Savino, a Financial Advisor with The Goldwert Group at Merrill Lynch in Red Bank, and Sylvan Goldwert, Senior Vice President-Wealth Management of The Goldwert Group, Merrill Lynch in Red Bank.

As part of The Goldwert Group’s community outreach focus, both men recently attended a conference presented by a local health organization. While there, they were introduced to Dr. Eugene Cheslock, President of Parker Family Health Center. After hearing the story of Parker Family Health Center from Dr. Cheslock, Mike and Sylvan decided to find a way to contribute to the Parker Center.

With the support of his partner, Sylvan Goldwert, and the rest of the Goldwert Group, Mike sponsored “Blue Jeans Day” and all employees at Mike’s Red Bank Merrill Lynch office were invited to participate. By making a donation to the Parker Family Health Center, the Merrill Lynch employee earned the privilege of wearing blue jeans to work for the day!  “Blue Jeans Day” was a big success at the office and also for the Parker Center. Not only did the employees raise a generous sum for the Parker Center but, because Merrill Lynch offers a matching contribution program, all donations from the event were doubled!

Sylvan Goldwert and The Goldwert Group at Merrill Lynch are committed to giving back to the community they’ve been servicing for over twenty years. With thoughtful employees like Michael Savino, the group looks forward to supporting the Parker Family Health Center in its mission of helping those without medical care or the means to pay.