Debra Aidelman website

Parker Family Health Center is pleased to announce the addition of its first full time Director of Development – Ms. Debbie Aidelman. Debbie has been on board since January 23, 2017, and shared:

“I’m excited to join the Parker Family Health Center team and join with the Board of Trustees in ramping up its financial well- being. Keeping Parker fully funded benefits our community and those we care about in these uncertain times.”

Debbie’s entire career has been in the nonprofit sector (over 30 years) and her experience includes advocacy, program management, conference planning, grant writing, and event planning. Fields of expertise include community based health clinics, mental health, developmental disabilities, vocational rehabilitation, and family support. Familiar with local, county, and state nonprofit and government entities, Debbie is a Monmouth County resident and active volunteer, with a BS in Special Education and an MS in Guidance and Counseling.

Parker Family’s Board co-chairs, Gina Petillo and Terence Flynn, commented:

“We were so lucky to find Debbie, who is outgoing, warm, and a terrific addition to our small staff. The Board looks forward to focusing our energies with Debbie’s guidance on diversifying our revenue streams and creating a sound future.”