Latino Chamber of Commerce of Monmouth County



City College, New York – Bachelors Degree in Engineering (EEB)


  • Provides consulting services to electrical utilities throughout the world in projects funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), World Bank, International Development Bank (IDB), US Trade Organization and others.
  • Successfully held positions of VP, GM, Executive Director, Manager, Chief of Party, Project Manager, and Team Leader.
  • Transcribed many technical papers published by the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEEE), Power Apparatus and Systems Transactions, The Electrical World, Transmission & Distribution – USA, Transmission & Distribution – International.
  • Co-Author of The Electric Distribution Power Systems Manual, developed by Ebasco Services Inc. and published by McGraw-Hill for use by electric utilities worldwide.

Services to Community

  • Executive Director of the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Monmouth
  • Trustee at: Monmouth County Art Council, The Community YMCA, Monmouth Medical Center, and The Parker Family Health Center among others.
  • Serves in the following committees: CentraState Children Wellness Committee, Wilbur Ray Scholarship Committee at Brookdale Community College, and Latinos United in Health Committee (Meridian Health Medical Center Committee)